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Whole or Half Pig KuneKune Pork

 Our heritage KuneKune pigs are known for their delicious red meat that is beautifully marbled and full of flavor. Our pasture-raised pigs are raised in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and best-tasting pork available. Not only is KuneKune pork incredibly delicious, it is also higher in Omega 3's, making it better for you than conventionally raised pork. By choosing our local KuneKune pork, you are not only supporting a small farm, but you are also choosing a healthier and more sustainable option for your family's dinner table.

Not always available. Please make a reservation

Whole or Half Pig KuneKune Pork

SKU: 00000000004
1 Pound
  • KuneKune pork, whole or half pig, by reservation only. 

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